Pile Driving Contractors and Marine Pile Construction Services | We are state certified marine, underground utility and excavation and general contractors serving Orlando, Florida areas. One of our areas of expertise is pile driving. We drive all types of piling. Including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and concrete. For structures such as decks, seawalls, boardwalks, vehicular and pedestrian bridges. As well as bulkheads, marinas, piers, retaining walls, boathouses, cofferdams and more.

We hold United States Long shore and Harbor Workers Act Insurance for working in water. In addition to this, we are capable of working with diesel, vibratory, drop, pneumatic and water jetting for piling installations. We encourage you to turn to us for your pile driving needs because we are:


Marine construction projects, especially pile driving, require a certain level of knowledge and experience to achieve proper and correct completion. When you turn to us at Fender Marine Construction for pile driving, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands.


We won’t stop working our hardest until the pile driving project is completely done. From the minute we show up on your property to work to the moment our team leaves, you are guaranteed that our team is doing high-quality and efficient work.


You won’t find better rates for pile driving in all of Florida. Our dedication to affordable prices contributes to our reputation as the leading marine construction company in the Orlando area.

Don’t put your pile driving or any other project into the hands of someone you don’t trust. You can count on us to do the project according to your specifications in an affordable and efficient matter. With attention to detail and high-quality workmanship.

We offer sheet pile driving for some of our larger marine construction projects. Any project that requires stability and safety can benefit from mechanical sheet pile driving. So the metal supports can brace the structure and keep it firmly upright. This is especially important when building marinas, docks, and other structures that are over the water, since a shaky step on this type of walkway can be extremely dangerous.

The process of concrete pile driving involves using a pile driver machine to create holes in the ground, where support beams can sit to make the structure more secure. When constructing large buildings, workers will use concrete piles beneath the structure, adding in reinforced steel and other components to prevent it from bending or shifting under the weight of the building. In this case, we may use smaller steel pieces that become fused together, since the longer pieces are very hard to maneuver and install.

When we perform push pile repair, we use a hydraulic jack to drill holes deep into the soil beneath the structure. It relies on the weight of the structure above to gain leverage and create a deeper hole, which means that each pile is stronger and provides better stability. It is a great repair option if you have a problem with your foundation. Our experts at Fender Marine Construction can provide you with more information and a cost for performing this job at your home or business.

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Pile Driving Equipment

Some special equipment is required to perform pile driving without any complication, allowing a more precise and complete monitoring of the piles without suffering for any rupture of the material, and more importantly, with the help of the technology advancements, these machines have been upgraded to its utmost limits, making them very reliable and comfortable to the one who will manipulate it. The most commonly used pile driving equipment are:

Piling Rigs

This pile driver is fundamental to make foundations in construction sites or for civil engineering projects in which certified equipment is required in order to guarantee excellent results in the building. Also, what makes it special is its capacity of adaptation to every type of soil or terrain, making it a very reliable option for constructions that counts with unstable soil or problems with the terrain, in simple terms, is one of the most secure pile drivers among other types. This model in specific has become famous not only for the previous aspects but for all the appearances that it has in important movies, TV series and most importantly in documentaries about civil engineering.

Hydraulic Press-In

This device has become particularly useful in hurricane situations, due to the great improvement that it offers in zones where the hydraulic hammers and diesel hammers make problematic vibrations in the terrain which causes serious consequences to the building or the life of the people who are nearby. This hydraulic press can fit in almost every traditional pile driver, including the older models. Its most important appearance was in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, where the device was used to repair the damage of the drainage system.

Vibratory Pile/Extractor

A very useful device when it comes to working in terrains that are unnecessary to the building, the way it works is kind of easy-to-explain, this device creates a type of sound and vibrations that allow extracting materials that are on the soil. This device is mostly used in bridge construction to clean the place after everything is finished. It is very reliable for its compatibility with older designs, so there is no excuse to not use this great piece of equipment in every construction. Sadly, in cities or zones with a great number of people, it is not recommended due to the vibrations that it produces, however, some specialists sometimes say that these vibrations won’t disturb any wildlife or people in the area.


Timber Pile Driving

Timber piles are designed to withstand the elements. Wood cannot corrode or rust making this type of pile long-lasting. Timber piling can last 100 years if treated and capped with concrete. The wood used to make these pipes are usually Douglas-Fir or a variety of pine. They are perfect for supporting small, lighter structures such as a gazebo, pergola, or bridge. Timber piling is easy to install and can be done relatively quickly for a low cost.

They are usually designed for 15 to 20 tons. Additional strength can be obtained by bolting fish plates to the side of the piles.

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Composite Pile Driving

Composite piles are made up of two different materials driven one atop the other. This enables both materials to work together using their strengths. This proves to be a more economical choice for pile driving as it can combine the strength of one material with corrosion-resistance of another.

Composite piles don’t have to be maintained like others because of versions like FRP, fiber reinforced polymer. FRP can maintain its shape by being flexible and withstand elements. Most composite piles are made from recycled materials making it eco-friendly and cost effective.

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Concrete Pile Driving

When it comes to building a sturdy foundation, concrete pile driving plays a key role. We've years of experience with this process and can safely perform the work to ensure a more stable finished product. We offer a wide range of marina construction services. Depending on the specifics of the building project, we may recommend using concrete pile driving to achieve a deeper and stronger foundation.

The process of concrete pile driving involves using a pile driver machine to create holes in the ground. That's where support beams can sit to make the structure more secure. When constructing large buildings, workers will use concrete piles beneath the structure. Adding in reinforced steel and other components to prevent it from bending or shifting under the weight of the building. In this case, we may use smaller steel pieces that become fused together. Since the longer pieces are very hard to maneuver and install.

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Helical Pile Driving

In many cases, helical piles offer significant advantages over other systems. To begin with, helical pile installation is a type of foundation system that does not need to wait until concrete or the grout hardens.

The purpose of a helical pile is to provide foundation support for all different types of structures, no matter the type or size. Helical piles are dug underground in order to distribute the weight that they are supporting. They serve as an anchor to structures and buildings.

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Steel Sheet Pile Driving

Sheet piling is very common in the construction industry. It is used as temporary excavation support to retain soil. In other words, it helps block the soil from the structure in order to provide resistance against stressors.

There are many benefits to using sheet piling. To begin with it clears the construction site of dangers. The temporary walls are used to prevent the soil from caving in and causing potential harm to the workers. Sheet piling is also used to prevent floods to structures close to the shore. Sheet piles also offer protection to foundations from water damage.

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Pipe Pile Driving

Pipe pile driving uses steel pipes driven into the ground with large impact hammers. The piles remain in place through friction with the soil. Pipe piles can be adaptable as they come in many shapes and sizes. Pre-built steel pipe piles are incredibly strong and can carry heavy loads. Since they are made from steel, they are virtually invincible to the elements. Pipe piling does come in different equipment and materials, which can be chosen based on the task at hand.

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H Pile Beams

H piles, or H beams, are structural beams that are driven into soil to support large buildings and bridges. The H beam is commonly used for soldier beams and lagging. This is the excavation support technique where vertical piles are at a regular interval along the proposed location of a wall. H Piles have square dimensions, this allows for bare the heaviest weight evenly. The unique design of the H pile provides the ability to transfer structural weight to stronger soil layers deep below the surface.

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Micropile Foundation

Micropiles, also called mini pile, a is a pile with a small diameter, 300mm or less. It is a drilled and grouted non-displacement pile which is heavily reinforced. Micropiles can carry high capacity loads on their steel-reinforced platforms. They are typically used in limited access areas such as low overhead clearance areas. Micropiles are most effective in sloped areas.

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