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Precast Concrete Pile Driving Contractors in Central Florida - When it comes to building a sturdy foundation, precast concrete piling plays a key role. Our contractors have years of experience with preform concrete pile driving and can safely perform the work to ensure a more stable finished product. We offer a wide range of concrete piling services. Depending on the specifics of the building project, we may recommend using precast concrete pile driving to achieve a deeper and stronger foundation.

The process of concrete pile driving involves using a pile driver machine to create holes in the ground. That's where support beams can sit to make the structure more secure. When constructing large buildings, workers will use concrete piles beneath the structure. Adding in reinforced steel and other components to prevent it from bending or shifting under the weight of the building. In this case, we may use smaller steel pieces that become fused together. Since the longer pieces are very hard to maneuver and install.

Our service area at Fender Marine Construction includes Central Florida, as well as some of the nearby cities. We are fully certified in the construction projects we offer, and we are one of the only companies in the Central Florida area that can create such a broad range of waterfront projects. We have some options of pre-fabricated docks and boathouses, or you can choose more customized options for unique situations, such as commercial waterfront properties, or for creating your dream home.

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What is Concrete Piling

What is Concrete Piling - Concrete pilings are the most commonly used substructure and component in construction. This method is popular with marine construction. These are known for high load capacity, resistance to water from excess drainage, easy installation, and overall affordability. Pilings, a type of deep foundation used to transfer a load to a deeper level, are necessary to resist the uplift forces created due to water table rise or any other cause.

A well known type of piling is called the circular pile. The shape gives it equal bending strength in all directions. It minimizes the ability to flex and bend while maximizing foundation stability under the pressure from the structure above.

Concrete piling can be installed in many ways but the best one is referred to as pressing. Pressed concrete pilings are inserted into the ground by force until they break, which is normally rough dirt or rock that is impenetrable. This ensures the pile is deep enough into the ground to support a foundation.

Pilings are made up of vertical columns of concrete, steel, wood, or a combination which are then driven deep into the ground to give an extra support to a building on top. They ensure strong foundations and prevent the risk of future ground movement. Piling foundations are used when there is a layer of weak soil at the surface. This layer can’t support the weight of a building, so this load has to avoid the weak section. They achieve this by transferring weight to a layer of stronger rock and soil below this weak layer.

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How Long Do Concrete Piles Last

How Long Do Concrete Piles Last - Concrete pilings can stand hundreds of years as opposed to timber, which only lasts about a hundred. Precast and cast in situ are two types of concrete pilings that can be used depending on what job is being done.

Precast concrete piles are reinforced with extra strength to resist bending during being picked up, transported, and supporting the literal load on top of it. They are built in different sizes and shapes specific to what they are being used to reinforce.

Cast in situ is the process of pouring a mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate, then pouring it into a mold. This method can be considered cased or uncased. Cased means the piles are made by driving a steel casting into soil, filled with concrete, then withdrawn. Uncased would be the same way except it would be withdrawn more slowly. Both methods contain powerful stability.

Quality is the focus when making sure concrete piles last. Engineers and contractors rely on experience, well-established tests, and standards to verify the strength and consistency with piles. Testing can help reveal defects that might have occurred during casting, transportation, or installation. This process can ensure the lifespan of the pilings and the structure it holds.

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