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Marine Pile Repair Contractors in Brevard County Florida – At Fender Marine Construction, we offer all types of marine pile repair services such as repairing dock pilings, steel piles, timber piles, concrete piles and more. We can repair, strengthen and protect your marine piles from damages as well as provide protection and safety for long term durability. If you have existing damaged marine piles, it is crucial to assess the damage and repair the marine piles as soon as possible. Please give us a call and we can provide solutions based on your specific marine pile needs. Contact Fender Marine Construction today for a free quote.

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CarboShield Pile Repair in Brevard County

CarboShield Pile Repair in Brevard County - CarboShield is an advanced application of carbon fiber composites that create specialized shells to repair, protect and strengthen existing marine piles. This method is faster and cheaper than most current pile repair methods. The result is a completely reprofiled pile that is impervious to the forces of nature and offering enhanced structural performance for decades to come.

This method can be used to repair timber, steel or concrete piles and requires minimal underwater work. It is maintenance free and safe for sensitive marine environments.

Advantages of CarboShield Pile Repair

  • High strength, lightweight pile encasement
  • Minimal surface preparation needed
  • Maintains structure's basic shape and appearance
  • Maintenance free
  • Faster and less expensive than complete replacement
  • Stay-in-place form reduces steel reinforcement congestions
  • Heavy equipment optional
  • Minimal interruption of service
  • Adapts to most shapes and cross section types
  • Minimal underwater work needed
  • Safe for sensitive marine environments

Applications of CarboShield Pile Repair

  • Timber, steel or concrete pile repair at or below water line
  • Refurbishes marine piles, utility poles and bridge columns
  • Splice or extend existing load-bearing piles

CarboSleeve Pile Repair

CarboSleeve is a fiber reinforced polymer internal reinforcement system for steel piles and other hollow structural elements. This method uses carbon fiber, glass fiber or both to fill and reinforce hollow steel marine piles. It is a low risk, cost effective structural reinforcement system and all materials used are 100% corrosion proof.

Advantages of CarboSleeve Pile Repair

  • Lower risk, cost effective structural reinforcement system
  • Above waterline installation
  • All materials used are 100% corrosion proof
  • Exceeds original design capacity
  • Extends structural service life
  • Acts as stand-alone structure
  • Environmentally sensitive for marine infrastructure

Applications of CarboSleeve Pile Repair

CarboSleeve is rapid structural reinforcement of hollow piles, columns and towers for commercial ports, marinas, oil platforms, offshore rigs, communication towers and more.

Give Fender Marine Construction a call today to learn more about how CarboShield and CarboSleeve can repair and reinforce your marine piles.

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