What is a Houseboat?

what is a houseboat

A houseboat, not to be confused with a boathouse, is a boat that is capable of being lived in. It can be traveled in and anchored anywhere in the water. You will find that inside these houseboats, there is pretty much everything you can find in your own house on land. This can even include a garage for some higher-end houseboat owners.


Types of Houseboats

There are a variety of houseboats for every type of traveler. There are fast ones and ones more accommodating for families. We can’t forget about the luxury houseboats that attract tourists and become one of many homes to celebrities.


Pontoon Boats

pontoon boats

A pontoon is a flat boat which is usually made from aluminum. It is a great houseboat for vacationers or campers. It requires little maintenance so you don’t have to be a boat whiz to have one of these.


Barge Boats

barge boats

Barges are large boats that can either be permanently moored or used to sail around. Barges have significant storage and hold up to 10 people on board. A Dutch barge is wider and can hold more people as well as more storage. However, since it is so big, it can’t be moored in narrow canals and lakes.


Trailerable Houseboats

trailerable houseboats

These boats are long and narrow, which is perfect for small rivers. They get their name because they can be towed behind trucks since they are super lightweight. Trailerable boats are usually made from steel or wood materials.


Yacht as Houseboat


A yacht is the most expensive boat type on this list. By many, it is considered a “party boat”. However, if it fitted with the right fixtures, it can be a glamourous houseboat. Yachts already have multiple kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms just like a house does. Even though they are used for temporary trips out to sea, a wealthy retiree or celebrity can definitely live on one.