April 24

Types of Pedestrian Bridges


Pedestrian bridges are built to help people get from one end of a busy street to another. Pedestrian bridges are known to be not only helpful but some of the most unique architectural designs out there. These interesting and convenient structures can be found all over the world.


Crossing Beyond the Street

crossing beyond the street

Some pedestrian bridges allow people to get to their destination without having to cross bustling streets. Some ways they do this can include crossing above, around, or on these roads.  A skywalk gives pedestrians a birds-eye-view while they walk to their destination. This is because it is a type of pedestrian bridge that connects one building to another at a high altitude.

Another bridge for foot traffic is a pier. They are designed to help pedestrians cross water and are typically built over oceans and beaches.  Piers are used for many things such as entertainment or a simple strolling area to look out to sea.

Artistic Pedestrian Bridges

artistic pedestrian bridges

When looking up different types of pedestrian bridges, the results are mostly unique and creative structures. Artists and architects take a different approach with these bridges to make it inviting to people traveling on foot. It is not only convenient to the area it’s in but also adds a one-of-a-kind feature that is recognized worldwide.


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