May 20

Top 6 Most Scenic Stone Revetment Projects


Rock and stone revetment can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your land. In many cases, a variety of natural stones can be used in designs to create a visually appealing effect. There are many different types of stone revetments and on this list, we display the most beautiful, scenic revetments found around the world.


6. Private Beach by Backyard MN

private beach stone revetment

This backyard has a gorgeous private beach with clear water and a lovely view. The large stones in the revetment add an elegant touch to the yard.


5. Riprap by Envirostruct

rip rap

The view from these lakeside villas is breath-taking. The small rocks used as a rip rap is a very nice touch to the overall theme of the location. The color choice in the stones matches the buildings and dock as well.


4. Park Stone Revetment in Evanston, Illinois 

park stone revetment

This park went with a large stone revetment. The stones are big with chalk drawings on them from the local park-goers. It adds a sweet touch and meaning to the revetment.


3. Riprap Along Forest by Seawalls Unlimited

forest rip rap

In this image, you can see a lovely forest line of shed trees and grass. It is a beautiful image of winter on the lake. This riprap has large, light-colored stones that match perfectly with the pier.


2. Forest Lakeshore by Laughlin Landscape


Another scenic forest on this list; this one with a bright green treeline. The large rocks at the edge of the lake add perfect protection from the small campsite pictured. This calm spot in the woods by a lake is perfect for camping!


1. Florida Lakeshore by Fender Marine Construction

florida stone revetment

Fender Marine built this clean riprap along a relaxing lake in Central Florida. The different colored and sized stones blend in with the forest and look natural. The stones also protect the treeline from the lake’s strong waves.


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