What It Takes to Earn the Title of “Marine Contractor”


Marine ContractorAs we’ve been hired for various jobs around the state, we’ve noticed that some builders advertise themselves as “marine contractors” when they in fact only hold a building contractor’s license.  Although this does not contradict any law, it can be misleading to inexperienced homeowners.  In our opinion, the title of “marine contractor” should be earned, and can only be proven by the builder obtaining the following:

  • Membership with the Florida Marine Contractor’s Association.  To be a member of this association, a builder must have liability insurance, appropriate licensing, and abide by a strict code of ethics.  The FMCA was formed due to the specialized nature of marine construction. As it says on their website, “Our industry is unique with regards to the materials and products utilized, equipment requirements, environment in which it is conducted, and the regulations imposed upon it.”
  • The Florida State Certified Marine Contractor’s License.  To acquire this license, an individual must have at least four years of experience in marine construction.  There is also a state certification exam that must be passed in order to receive the license.  The FMCA played a large role in the creation of this license, which demonstrates the desire of the association to distinguish marine contractors from regular builders.

When you are looking to hire someone for a marine construction project, make sure that the title of “marine contractor” has truly been earned.  If you check the qualifications of the builder, you are more likely to receive high-quality services and an impressive end result.


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