November 17

A Recreational Seawall? Check out Vancouver’s


SeawallSeawalls are built to stabilize shorelines and protect coastal areas from the effects of the ocean.  Functional as that may sound, some seawalls also provide recreational space for leisure activities.  The best example of this is found in the Canadian city of Vancouver, BC, where the Stanley Park Seawall has been providing both protection and pleasure for almost 100 years.  Residents and tourists alike make use of the seaside walkway, which is often crowded with cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.

The seawall has been extended throughout the years since its construction began in 1917 as the need has arisen (due to erosion).  Currently 13 miles long, it can take two or three hours to traverse the entire length by foot (one hour on a bicycle).  The seawall is considered one of the “must see” attractions in Vancouver.  In fact, it is included on top ten lists of many tourism websites. That’s what we like to hear regarding marine construction!

Other seawalls across the world are now being designed in like manner: creating a usable space for recreation while also performing the initial role of shielding the coast.  This is inspiring to us, as marine contractors, to see what our work can become.  This seawall in Vancouver provides a way for people to appreciate their surrounding coastal environment, a goal that we resonate with wholeheartedly.  Contact us today to discuss what we can design for your waterfront property in Florida.



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