Top 3 Boardwalks to Visit in Florida


At the turn of the century, the boardwalk became popular in many coastal cities.  Originally made of wood (thus the name), boardwalks were built to allow commercial development on waterfronts that would have otherwise been impossible.  Now, due to the success of that idea, many boardwalks are made of concrete or other materials.  Though the time period that made them famous has long passed, you can still find some beaches with a nostalgic boardwalk.  Whether you are a local resident of Florida or you’re just visiting the area, take the time to check out these classic boardwalks, all featuring a festive atmosphere, great food, and a fantastic view.

John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk – This great village and boardwalk is a secret gem on the west coast of Florida.  The boardwalk itself is wooden, reflecting the style of the past.  Offering a variety of dining options, the village includes seafood restaurants, pizza, a grill, and ice cream.  You can even find Thai food!  Dolphin watch cruises are offered, as well as a pirate cruise, or you can rent your own watercraft.  The kids can have a blast at the arcade, or you can all go check out the Alligator Attraction featuring 50 live gators.  John’s Pass is only two hours away from Orlando.

John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk


Daytona Beach Boardwalk – Located on the opposite side of the state from John’s Pass is the famous Daytona Beach Boardwalk.  Definitely exuding a festive air, this boardwalk is packed with carnival style games and rides. You may even spot a juggling street performer.  What better way to end your day than with fireworks on the beach?  Watch the fireworks display from the boardwalk held every Saturday night in the summer.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk


Disney’s Boardwalk – A perfect example of a boardwalk on a lake, this one is located inside Disneyworld.  It’s hard to say what the highlight is at Disney’s boardwalk.  From the endless entertainment (concerts, a dance hall, and arcade games) to the fantastic food (fancy sit downs, hot grills, and quick treats), Disney gets it right.  Also a true wooden boardwalk, this was built to make you reminisce coastal American days gone by.

Disney’s Boardwalk


If your waterfront property has a great view but it isn’t easily accessible, let us build a boardwalk near your home or business. The boardwalks we create are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your property, and we can construct them using a variety of building materials, including wood or concrete piling, concrete or fiberglass framing, and wood, vinyl, composite or concrete decking. If you would like a boardwalk built on your property, choose Fender Marine Construction.  If you are just visiting, we hope you get the chance to visit these great boardwalks while in Florida!

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