December 1

Designing Custom Docks: Things to Consider


Designing Custom DocksThere are very few tasks in this life that will be more fun than designing your own boat dock.  Custom docks give you the freedom to include any and all of the elements you are hoping for, while working with experienced builders (like us) who will be with you all the way.  When designing your dock, you have many options when it comes to customization.  Get ready for a time of decision-making fun!

Will you choose a fixed or floating dock?  This question, in and of itself, requires some study of the pros and cons of each.  Fixed docks can allow you to add a seating area, wet bar, or even an entertainment system.  Floating docks can have a special swimming platform that could be lowered down into the water.   There may also be reasons to avoid a certain type of dock depending on the location of your property, so make sure you have the guidance of our experienced marine contractors.

Custom docks are unique and can completely reflect your desires.  You can choose to add a roof, a ceiling fan, or even outdoor air conditioning!  Keep your mind open to the possibilities of seating areas, storage areas (think bench, closet or even roof storage), and steps down to the water.  Lighting can be added along the dock and in your deck space.   Don’t limit the potential of your dock . . . let’s see what we can do to create your perfect waterfront area.

We can advise you through the decision-making process based on what you are looking for.  We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, and we will work with you through each step of design.  To begin planning your spectacular custom dock, call us at Fender Marine Construction today.


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