Pile Driving: Going Deep for Stability


Pile DrivingA pile driver’s principal function is to drive a pole deep into soil. In the realm of marine construction, these piles serve as the major foundational support for a wide variety of docking and other marine construction projects. Pile driving machinery can solve a number of issues with anchoring, mooring, and foundations.

While there are multiple types of pile drivers, the overall effect is the same. A large weight, using either gravity, hydraulics, or another method, is applied to the pole or pile in order to send it deeper into soil that’s unsuitable for traditional anchoring or foundational structures. These types of machines or similar devices have been in use for centuries, and the variations on the theme mean that a proper method for your structures exists and can be used to realize and stabilize your project.

Something important to consider is if there are fish in the waters near your project, as the vibrations from pile driving can be damaging to the health of the fish. Be sure to check with your local and state agencies regarding environmental issues and pile driving before beginning your project.

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