December 29

Floating Docks: Move with the Water


floating docksIf you have waterfront access, you know how important it is to have a mooring option that meets your needs. Floating docks are an excellent and versatile solution, and may be just the right thing for you. Here are some thoughts to consider as you determine if a floating dock is right for you.

How will the floating docks be anchored? Consider what foundational options exist or if a new method of anchoring or attachment of the floating docks to shore will be necessary. Prevailing winds and currents should also be taken into consideration in order to allow for the simplest docking during any season or weather conditions.

What is the average change in water level over the day, week, month, or year? Making sure your floating docks have enough room to adjust with local conditions over the course of the year is essential, especially in areas prone to seasonal and tidal changes. In addition, the ability to maintain a standard form will be essential in protecting vehicles moored there and the safety of those using the docks.

At Fender Marine Construction, we specialize in creating the best in marine construction. We make sure we’re always using the best designs, materials, and workmanship in order to ensure the best final product for you and your needs. We aim to create marine construction of all types that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting, so you will be able to enjoy both the water and the shore for many years to come.


floating docks

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