January 26

Dock Repair: A Home Base Worthy of Your Boat & Your Family


Dock RepairYour dock is often more than just a useful place to access the water and moor your boat. Multiple reasons can exist for having a dock. Depending on its location, your dock is exposed to the vagaries of weather, sun, and rogue waves or wakes from other vessels. Over time, these will cause stress and wear to your dock and the structures anchoring and linking it to shore. No matter the materials or maintenance, dock repair will eventually become a reality.

When considering dock repair, take into account the current state of the dock, the anchoring or support points, and what led to the damage in the first place. This will help to identify what can be changed or improved upon in the next life of your dock. Consider especially the general wind direction, general wave and current movement, in addition to traffic around or near your dock. This will help in the selection of anchor or foundation types and placement. Choosing higher-quality materials and linkages for your dock repair project is the first step; in addition, planning periodical maintenance will give you peace of mind, utility, and beauty for many years.

At Fender Marine Construction, we specialize in creating the best in marine construction. We make sure we’re always using the best designs, materials, and workmanship in order to ensure the best final product for you and your needs. We aim to create marine construction of all types that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting, so you will be able to enjoy both the water and the shore for many years to come.


Dock repair

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