Seawall Construction with Fender Marine

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Fender Marine Construction has recently been working on some major projects this past month. At the Orlando International Airport we have been finishing up construction on a seawall. We have placed 163 concrete piles into the ground which were driven in by crane on a barge. Now our crew has to make any necessary repairs before capping the top of the seawall. The seawall is needed so a central chiller plant can be built near the runway. This project is apart of the $1.1 billion expansion currently underway at the airport.

Next in Lake Apopka we are currently building a water control structure. In the beginning we had to install a steel cofferdam to protect our workers while they poured the concrete and removed earth. Now all their hard work is clearly visible and they can see the end in sight. Rocks were brought in to help with the flow of drainage. The water control structure will be used for a nearby community which is under development. Since it is located by Lake Apopka the area is prone to flooding when torrential rains happen making this structure very important.

Lastly we have installed a beautiful Brazilian hardwood deck around a pool in Winter Park. Penofin beech nut oil was applied to the decking giving it a rich finish. This is just a quick glimpse of what our company has been up to and how versatile our work truly is.

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