July 27

Shingle Creek Steel Pedestrian Bridge


Early this past Thursday morning the crew from Fender Marine construction connected together two pieces of a 120 foot steel pedestrian bridge. As they tightened the final bolts a crowd gathered waiting out the passing storm. The attendees included local news, media, & project developers to witness this historic event at Shingle Creek.

Shingle Creek Regional Park Bridge Installation P54A crane was used to raise the massive structure and place it on the concrete support in Kissimmee Florida. This was a major milestone for Osceola County, considering the regional trail has been a plan 20 years in the making. The Shingle Creek regional trail will be used by hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers visiting the area. Also recently opened in 2014 is a a launch point for boats and kayaks.

The general public will have to wait just a little bit longer until the pedestrian bridge is fully accessible. The trail will cover over 32 miles spanning from Orange to Osceola counties. The goal is to have visitors experience a new side of central Florida, and preserve the land and precious wild life. Click on the following link to view photos from the days event, Photo Album: Shingle Creek Steel Pedestrian Bridge Installation.

Ground Footage:

Aerial Footage:

Shingle Creek Trail West Pedestrian Bridge from City of Kissimmee on Vimeo.

Learn more about the Shingle Creek regional multi-use trail project at the following link, http://www.fendermarine.com/marine-construction-blog/shingle-creek-steel-pedestrian-bridge-installation-kissimmee-florida/.


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