September 17

Pouring Concrete Cap For Seawall At The Orlando International Airport


This past Thursday September 10th 2015 the crew from Fender Marine Construction was busy at the Orlando International Airport. The crew was up early awaiting three concrete trucks that were making their way to the job site. This was the first day a portion of the seawall was finally going to get capped. Once the concrete pump truck arrived the crew gathered eager to get the job done after months of hard work.
Poured Concrete Cap For Seawall P13 91015Working together in unison they poured the concrete into the template. The crew had to work fast so the concrete could dry and avoid the afternoon Florida showers. Everyone understood their role and they all had plenty of experience regarding their assignment. Tim Abbott made sure communication was key and that the concrete pour was of the best quality.

The concrete caps should be finished in the coming weeks. Below is a video of the quality of the work done that day at OIA.

Click (OIA PHOTO GALLERY) to view the job site from the ground!


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