Boathouses for Your Needs and Your Vehicle


BoathousesIf you’re an avid boater, you know that proper mooring, storage, and care for your boat is essential to your continued enjoyment of the water. A boathouse may be the perfect solution to keeping you on the water more and your boat better prepared and ready for use. Generally, boathouses will protect a vehicle from the elements better than a standard dock structure, and they may have a lift built in to raise the boat out of the water when not in use. This last part is especially important

Boathouses are best when constructed after considering the following:

Besides a mooring place, what other purposes might this boathouse serve? Will there be space for leisure off the water? What about cooking or bathing facilities? Will the boathouse be on property adjacent to a larger structure? If so, how can the boathouse complement that structure and integrate or contrast with that architecture? Are there other boathouses in the neighborhood, and what functions do they serve?

How many watercrafts will the boathouse serve? If you’re planning to have a lift in the boathouse, what are the dimensions, specifications, displacement, and dry weight of the vehicles?

What is the shoreline like at the area of the boathouse? Will an inlet need excavation, or will the boathouse project into the water? What type of water will the boathouse sit adjacent to?

At Fender Marine Construction, we specialize in creating the best in marine construction. We make sure we’re always using the best designs, materials, and workmanship in order to ensure the best final product for you and your needs. We aim to create marine construction of all types that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting, so you will be able to enjoy both the water and the shore for many years to come.

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