February 23

What Is Rip Rap?


rip rapRip rap is a term that’s not very well known or explained outside of those who have to use it on a daily basis. However, you’ve certainly seen it and benefited from its placement before. It’s best to define rip rap by its purpose first, and then the various materials that can be used to construct it.

The purpose of rip rap is to protect shorelines or other waterfront areas against erosion. This particular practice is known by several different names, including rip rap, shot rock, rubble, or rock armor. Rocks used in the construction of rip rap are often granite or limestone, although occasionally concrete rubble from demolition or building can also be used. In addition, rip rap can be used to protect bridge abutments and pilings against erosion and scour – where moving water erodes the soil around a bridge structure and compromises its structural integrity.

Depending on your precise circumstances and requirements, you may need to have the rip rap set by some type of construction equipment. You’ll also need to take into consideration whether this rip rap is in a saltwater or freshwater environment, and the grade of the slope to be protected.

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Rip Rap

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