Why Boardwalks Can Help You


boardwalksBoardwalks are often a beautiful and functional addition to practically any property. Well-constructed boardwalks add an attractive and useful space to any commercial, residential, or environmental project. In addition, they also add value to your space while preserving local natural features.

Commercial or public boardwalks have been around for at least 140 years and have become synonymous with bustling seaside towns, protected marshlands and estuaries, and sandy beaches. These boardwalks provide easy, stable, and erosion-resistant access to the throngs of people who visit these areas annually.

A residential boardwalk can connect a home to its dock or other coastal waterfront access. Discerning homeowners will understand the value of boardwalks built to last and to be enjoyed for many years by you and your loved ones.

A professionally built boardwalk carries several major advantages. Having a professional on board will help you avoid many of the simple and costly mistakes that can occur during a build. The knowledge of materials and building codes relevant to your particular area can also help in the selection of the exact route of the boardwalk and the best materials to be used in construction.

At Fender Marine Construction, we specialize in creating the best in marine construction. We make sure we’re always using the best designs, materials, and workmanship in order to ensure the best final product for you and your needs. We aim to create marine construction of all types that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting, so you will be able to enjoy both the water and the shore for many years to come.

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