Rock & Stone Revetment and Your Shoreline


Rock & Stone RevetmentRevetments are the relaxed cousins of seawalls. Their purpose is the same: to absorb or deflect incoming wave energy in order to minimize and mitigate erosion. Revetments are built at an angle, providing a less harsh method of dissipating waves and preserving the original slope of the shoreline. A rock & stone revetment is usually more economical to install in terms of materials and overall maintenance costs, and it can be constructed without compromising your shoreline or quality of life.

When building a rock & stone revetment, consider first the depth of the water up to 50 feet offshore. This will take into account how much wave energy is likely to reach the shore, and therefore the precise shape, size, and components of the revetment. Also, consider the slope of the construction, the width of the area the revetment will be installed in, and whether this revetment will tie into other shoreline protection on either side. Consider the use of a filter cloth to keep more beach material under the rock & stone revetment, as well as the size and type of stone to be used.

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