What is a Rackominium?

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what is a rackominium
A rackominium is like a condo for boats. They are individually owned and can be rented or bought. Although on the pricier side, racks are seen as a good investment since it keeps your boat secure as well as allow access to the water for years to come. Some racks have various amenities like boat washing and climate controlled storage.
There are a few options available to store your boat such as wet or dry storage. Wet storage is the method of storing boats in the water at a local marina or storage yard. They¬†are essentially boat “parking spots” along a marina. The con to this method, however, is the risk of wet storage stain and exposure to the elements. Wet storage stain occurs when a fresh zinc surface is stored in a wet environment with limited oxygen and carbon dioxide sources creating a “ring” at the bottom of the boat.
Dry storage seems to be a more popular option and often referred to as dry stacks. A dry stack is a vertical stacking of boats on metal or wooden racks. Forklifts are used to take the boats out of these spaces for owner use. This form of storage is ideal for year-round boating.