FMCA 2019


The Florida Marine Contractors Association, originally founded in 1997, is an association or Florida Marine Contractors, suppliers of marine related materials and related professionals such as engineers, insurance companies and others. ,

FMCA was created with one mission- To enable contractors in Florida to perform their work with the least amount of hindrance and the greatest degree of quality. Only properly licensed and appropriately insured marine contracts are approved for contractor membership.

 Every year we meet for a convention. Various teams gather to discuss the latest industry related topics.

The speakers for this years FMCA Expo were the following:

John Palmer with ACOE-Army Corp of Engineers spoke on Permitting & SPGP V (R1) Navigation Issues ESA, JaxBo and EFH.

Rick Girdley- Engineer with US Crane and Super Cage spoke on crane accidents, safety and inspections.

Lou Nash with Measutronics Corp discussed technology & where we think things are going.

 Lastly, Michael Usry with OSHA highlighted OSHA items relating to marine construction.