March 25

What is a Floating Dock


A floating dock is a platform or ramp that is supported by pontoons. The platform floats on the water’s surface and even though it is connected to land, it is not anchored to the sea floor.  These types of docks are perfect for smaller bodies of water as they are not permanent . For example, it can be moved to any side along the shoreline of a lake and not stuck in one spot like a regular dock or pier.

What are floating docks used for

what are floating docks used for

Floating docks can allow boaters to tie off a multitude of boats without being limited to the amount of moors that are on the marina. Unlike regular docks, floating docks can be moved to create access to water areas that otherwise are hard to get to. Floating docks are also able to be manipulated into different shapes and sizes, based on what it is needed for. They have been made with stronger, lighter material over the years which makes their parts easy to transport as well as last a long time. They are also water resistant so slipping or water damage isn’t a concern.

How long do floating docks last

how long do floating docks last

As stated before, floating docks are made from strong, durable materials. These docks can last up to 16 years if used everyday. However, a high quality dock can last up to 40 years with proper care and storage. This means cleaning the dock or treating it if made from wood and making sure to keep it out of the sun when not in use. Avoiding leaving the dock out during storms can prevent damage as well.


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