April 15

Top 6 Pedestrian Bridge Designs and Structures Ever Built


Pedestrian bridges are needed in areas where people need to cross various environmental obstacles. Whether people need to cross water, dirt, or a road, there are bridges made specifically for each circumstance. In no particular order, we list the top pedestrian bridge designs and structures.


1. Peace Bridge – Alberta, Canada

peace bridge

The Peace Bridge spans over the Bow River in Alberta, Canada. It was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.  This incredible bridge has an iconic helix shape with bright red paint. It is partially enclosed with large windows above the paths. Peace Bridge features a central bike lane with sidewalks on either side.


2. Melkwegbridge – Purmerend, Netherlands


This amazing structure stands in the city of Purmerend, Netherlands. It was designed by NEXT Architects and completed in 2006. It features two sections: one for bikers and one for walking pedestrians. Melkwegbridge looks like a rollercoaster! It must be a breathtaking experience to walk across this tall, steep bridge.


3. Webb Bridge – Melbourne, Australia 

webb bridge

The Denton Corker Marshall architecture firm collaborated with artist Robert Owen on the Webb Bridge design in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. This intricate bridge is ideal for cyclists and walking pedestrians as it has two lanes. It stretches over the Yarra River, giving pedestrians a beautiful view of the water and the iconic city of Melbourne.


4. Pedro e Inês Footbridge – Coimbra, Portugal

pedro e ines footbridge

This vibrant bridge is lined with pastel colored stained glass and spans over 900 feet. It was designed by Balmond studio and completed in 2007. The bridge has a gorgeous view of the historically designed buildings on the mountain above. The Pedro e Ines bridge gets its name from two star-crossed lovers from the 14th century.

5. Moses Bridge – Halsteren, Netherlands

moses bridge

Instead of crossing over the Fort de Roovere moat in Halteren, the Moses bridge goes through it. It was completed in 2011, making it the most recently built structure on the list. Just like the classic Biblical story, it appears if this waterway was parted for pedestrians to cross. It is a truly unique design that can be admired for its creativity and architecture.

6. BP Pedestrian Bridge – Chicago, Illinois, USA

bp pedestrian bridge

The BP Pedestrian bridge was completed in 2004. It is stunning with a one-of-a-kind design and shape. This bridge connects Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park with Millennium Park. From an aerial view, it looks like a silver snake slithering across the city. The path is wide enough for cyclists and walking pedestrians to share and enjoy this beautiful bridge.


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