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Top 7 Boardwalk Contractors and Builders in Florida


In Florida, there are many areas covered by water like swamps or wetlands. As the Florida population grows more of these areas are being domesticated. Building bridges and boardwalks are the main ways to help people and vehicles et around Florida’s wet areas. Listed here are the top boardwalk contractors and builders in Florida.


7. Foundation Masters, LLC – Miami, FL

Foundation Masters, LLC is a Civil Engineering Bridge Construction Company in Florida. Foundation Masters, LLC builds a wide variety of boardwalk construction projects, including wooden bridges, pedestrian bridges, multi-use trail bridges, wooden sidewalks, and roadway walks.

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6. Backwoods Bridges – Freeport, FL

Backwoods Bridges is a custom timber construction company offering a wide range of structures for your project or property. They have over 25 years of construction experience. In addition to bridges, they also construct on-grade boardwalks, bulkheads, retaining walls, docks, decks and piers, pavilions, trellises, pergolas, and timber fencing.

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5. Priority Marine – St. Petersburg, FL

At Priority Marine, they pride ourselves on providing unique, customized structures for our clients. With our personalized services, they can make your boardwalk construction stand out from the rest. their staff is experienced with using software and creating sketches to idealize the final product.

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4. Nature Bridges – Monticello, FL

Nature Bridges is a leading bridge constructor company that specializes in top-down construction of timber bridges and pedestrian boardwalks through environmentally sensitive areas. As one of the nation’s leading bridge constructors, they also build a wide variety of other development amenities, such as golf cart bridges, free-span bridges, architecturally designed trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, and docks.

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3. Kelly Brothers, Inc. – Fort Myers, FL

From new construction to the reconstruction of boardwalks and piers, KBI has worked with companies and counties to create scenic views and connect pathways. They are committed to exceeding client expectations and providing quality construction in a variety of materials. When they construct anything it is built to last.

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2. Poseidon Land & Sea Construction – Cocoa, FL

They have many service options and provide services throughout Brevard County, FL. When you are looking for a custom solution to your construction needs, turn to Poseidon Land & Sea Construction, Inc. At their experienced company, they specialize in a series of options, including boardwalk repair and replacement.

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1. Fender Marine Construction – Orlando, FL

At Fender Marine Construction, we construct boardwalks made of wood or concrete piling, concrete or fiberglass framing, and also wood, vinyl, composite or concrete decking. We design and build boardwalks specifically to help you get the most out of your property. If there’s an area with incredible views that isn’t easily accessible, we can build a boardwalk near your home, business, community, or marina that enhances everyone’s enjoyment of the property.central florida boardwalk contractors fender marine


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