April 11

Protect Your Property Against Rising Sea Levels With A Seawall!


The sea level is rising at an alarming rate around the world, and in the United States Florida may be ground zero. The tides are higher than they have ever been, and with the tropical and swampy Florida climate traditional drainage systems may not be enough to protect your property. This means more flooding and challenges to the infrastructure residents and business depend on, including septic tanks to wells. Studies have shown that Florida residents are more at risk to the effects of climate change. Whether you believe in climate change or not the old adage stands true that, “it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” when it comes to protecting your property from damage. Seawalls are a cost effective way to not only protect your property, but can also increase its value!

Seawalls prevent the erosion of a shoreline located near a body of water. They also deflect the energy of the sea and push it back towards the water. So the force from the sea is not capable of harming the surrounding properties. If you own or live on a property by one of the lakes in Orlando, Florida. Then protecting your structure from the surrounding water may seem like an overwhelming task. At Fender Marine Construction, we can build a seawall to ensure that your property is not subject to damage. As a Florida State Certified Marine Contractor, we specialize in building the best seawalls for the least amount of money.

We realize that not every piece of property or shore front location in Orlando is the same as the one next door. Because of this, we can build a custom seawall for your property if it has unique characteristics or you have specific requirements. If you want steel, aluminium, concrete, masonry (MSE), or fiberglass seawalls, we are the best marine construction company for the job. We also build mechanically stabilized earthen walls, such as Keystone and Anchor walls.

At Fender Marine Construction, we have the knowledge required to build custom seawalls that are capable of deflecting water and energy away from your property and performing this function for many years to come. We also provide quality seawall repair services in Orlando and the surrounding areas!

From retaining walls, floating docks and sea walls, our team at Fender Marine Construction can help with any project in the central Orlando area.

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