Pier Repair in Orlando FL


Pier Repair in Orlando FLIf your pier has seen better days, contact us at Fender Marine Construction for pier repair in Orlando, FL.

A beautifully constructed pier can add a higher level of appeal, value, and convenience to your Orlando, Florida property. Unfortunately, if your pier is damaged in certain places, these imperfections can take away from the appearance of your property and also become a safety hazard for anyone who uses the structure on a regular basis.

If your pier has seen better days, contact us at Fender Marine Construction for pier repair. With over a decade of experience building and repairing piers in the Orlando area, you can count on us to successfully return your pier back to its original functionality and appearance.

At Fender Marine Construction, we realize that going out on the open water in your boat is probably one of your favorite pastimes, which is likely why you had the pier built on your property in the first place. During pier repair, you may not have full access to this structure. Although you may not be able to fully use your pier during repairs, we will work quickly and efficiently to get the project taken care of as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Orlando, Florida area.

One of the first steps of our pier repair process is providing you with a free estimate. We strive to keep our prices fair and competitive to ensure you keep coming back to us for additional marine construction projects on your property. If you need someone to fix your property’s pier, contact us at Fender Marine Construction for more information about our pier repair services.

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