July 28

Could Choosing a Floating Dock Save Your Boat?


Floating DockThe Department of Homeland Security issued this article regarding floating docks preventing damage during hurricanes.  According to the article, your boat is at risk for severe damage if it is at a fixed dock during a storm.  This is because the fixed dock cannot move with the water level, but your boat does.  Your boat can crash into the dock or even be torn away from the dock and crash into other boats.  A fixed dock can also become submerged in high water, and pieces may break off and cause damage to nearby boats.

Floating docks are more flexible; they rise and fall with the water just as your boat does.  Another advantage mentioned in the article is that “the components are designed so that, should some part of the dock come adrift, it will float away like a raft rather than having submerged elements that break apart causing damage.” What does this mean during a storm?  Your boat can remain safely moored to the dock and ride out the bad weather.

One more thing to consider: the U.S. Coast Guard and the Navy both choose floating docks when in a hurry or during dangerous conditions.  They agree that floating docks are a safer bet than fixed docks.

This is interesting to think about if you have a choice between a floating or fixed dock when your boat may be exposed to severe storms.  What do you think about the article? Do you prefer fixed or floating docks? Post your comments below.


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