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Dock Repair Contractors in Orlando Florida - A dock or deck makes it easy to get in and out of the water, whether for boating, fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the view, so keeping it in good condition is important to keep your family and guests safe. If your dock is made of wood, it will probably need more dock repair over its lifespan than a dock made of sturdier materials. Wood docks are more susceptible to rotting and deterioration, which can make it unsafe to use.

Dock repair pricing will depend on the location of your dock. One that is difficult to access will cost more when you factor in additional labor to move materials across a lake or other bodies of water. If the water has certain traits that make it more corrosive to dock materials, you may have to pay more for durable components that will withstand salt, chlorine, or other types chemicals or bacteria. You will also need to consider the flow of the body of water, such as the tide in the ocean, when you choose how to repair your dock. Here in Orlando Florida, we get quite a bit of rainfall, so choosing a dock material that can withstand the elements will also save you money in the long run.

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Deck Replacement Services in Orlando

Deck Replacement Services in Orlando - You may need a new deck construction or some very much needed deck repair. Either way, Fender Marine Construction has the experts you need to do the work. Just like our docks, our decks can be customized to your liking while also functional. We also specialize in deck repair and deck replacement on both commercial and residential properties.

Dock Piling Repair

We can repair and restore existing dock pilings and reinforce the piles to extend its structural service life.

 At Fender Marine Construction, we can build a new dock, perform dock repair, deck repair and deck replacement to an existing dock on your property. We offer our services in and around Orlando Florida, and we have a lot of experience in repairing all types of docks and decks.