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Dock Builder and Contractors in Orlando Florida - At Fender Marine Construction, we have established ourselves as the primary dock builder for anything dock related in Orlando Florida. We can build, design and repair docks of all shapes and sizes. A dock construction is the perfect access point for a lake or the ocean. For better access to the water for swimming, fishing or boating, you should consider planning a commercial or residential dock construction project. Fender Marine Construction dock builders also specialize in basic docks, custom docks, floating docks, boat docks, commercial docks and dock repairs.

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Residential and Commercial Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida

Residential and Commercial Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida - We have been designing dock construction plans and building residential and commercial boat docks throughout Orlando Florida since 2001. Our “Silver” boat dock design is an extremely strong and attractive basic dock model. It is the economical version of our other popular “Gold” and “Platinum” dock designs. The basic “Silver” dock comes with a 3 year warranty. Each design plan is created to provide you with a fully functional and convenient dock that fits your needs.

If you have dock construction plans in mind, let us help you built it. At Fender Marine Construction, we design and build custom docks with your desires and specifications in mind. The main difference between the custom and basic docks we build is the design process. With our basic docks, the plan is already determined. When you have a custom dock built by us, we will come up with a plan for the dock construction costs, structure, materials, and purpose with your input and assistance.

residential and commercial dock contractors in central florida
residential and commercial dock contractors
residential and commercial dock contractors fender marine construction

Our basic docks contain pressure-treated southern yellow pine piles, along with sturdy metal bolts and screws that keep it firmly in the correct position. This is called the “silver” dock and comes with a 3-year warranty against any defects. When we build docks at your home or business, we can connect them to covered patios, boathouses, or other elegant features that make it easy to enjoy time together while out on the water. You can even add a table and chairs and start eating your meals outside.

Basic docks are affordable in just about any budget, and our construction team has plenty of experience with building and installing these docks. We offer our dock building service to those in Orlando Florida and throughout the state. If you have a property that sits on the water but you aren’t utilizing this wonderful benefit, we can help by creating a unique dock that you and your family can use for years.

Having your own private dock into a lake is a unique option that many people in Orlando Florida have taken advantage of by adding docks to their properties. So you can relax in the sunshine with a good book on your dock, or dive into the water below on a warm summer day.

Custom Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida

Custom Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida - Fender Marine Construction offers custom docks for your commercial or residential property in or near Orlando Florida. We are a local business, so we understand the various climate requirements and restrictions that we face here in Florida. When we build your custom dock, we will discuss any concerns you might have before we start.

We want to make sure you have a great experience when you call us for custom docks. Customer service is our top priority!  We offer a variety of building materials for custom docks including steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. We also offer green materials such as fiberglass framing, recycled decking, and renewable wood.

Since there are frequent hurricanes and other storms in this area, we want to help you choose the safest materials and design for your custom dock to keep it standing through the elements. If your custom dock requires a permit, we will make sure to get those issued and approved before moving forward.

Here at Fender Marine Construction design and build residential and commercial docks. Our contractors are known for customizing high quality and durable docks. We specialize in the repair and construction of residential and commercial docks. Our team of expert contractors specializes in designing docks that meet your needs. We strive to give you a design that you can visualize before we even begin building.  We will handle all phases of your project- from dock construction costs, design, building, installation, to inspection, we’ve got you covered! We are prepared to handle any job. We can assure you that our contractors at Fender Marine Construction will handle every aspect of the project professionally and efficiently. Our contractors are also fully licensed and insured!

custom dock contractors in central florida
custom dock contractors
custom dock contractors fender marine construction

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Boat Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida

Boat Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida - A boat dock is a key component of any marina, allowing boaters to get in and out of the water easily. Our experts can design and build you a sturdy and functional boat dock that will provide a safe area for loading and unloading. You can choose from various materials and styles, whether you want a floating dock or a fixed dock, or a stylish and luxurious style of dock that appeals to higher-end clientele.

As you consider what type of boat dock you might like to have, think about the benefits of each. A basic boat dock is smaller, made from pressure-treated southern yellow pine piles, and sits on top of the water. Sturdy metal components beneath the dock keep it from deteriorating, and our team of experts will firmly attach it in the correct position. We also carry upgraded models of boat docks, which are typically larger and sturdier for additional foot traffic. If you have a commercial marina, a higher model of boat dock will benefit your business. We offer boat dock repair services as well for damaged boat docks.

When we build your boat dock, we can also build a matching boathouse, which is a great place for customers to store boats when they are not in use. You can charge for storage space, increasing your revenue, and provide the convenience for boat owners to keep their boats on the water, instead of towing them home and drying them out after every day on the lake.

boat dock contractors in central florida
boat dock contractors
boat dock contractors fender marine construction

Floating Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida

Floating Dock Contractors in Orlando Florida - Floating docks differ from traditional docks because they are anchored to the bottom of the water using vertical poles. Larger floating docks often have a ramp attached, which generally rests on the shore. We are one of the best dock construction companies to turn to with questions for anything related to docks. If you aren’t sure whether a floating dock or a traditional dock is right for your Orlando Florida property, we are happy to help. Without a boat dock, you may not be as likely to go out on the water. So If you don’t already have a boat dock, let us design and construct a new dock with your assistance. We only use the most advanced marine construction strategies and the highest-quality materials in order to construct docks that are highly functional and last for many years to come. We guarantee that the boat dock we build will add value to your property and enable you to use your boat more often.

A floating dock is buoyant, so you can walk across it safely without worry. Floating docks typically have nonslip surfaces, which also make them safer even if they get wet. The nonskid surface and stability make it easier to get in and out of boats on the water. Another benefit of floating docks is their fixed nature, which prevents boat owners from having to worry about additional slack line or moving bumpers when the tide shifts. If you choose a basic wooden dock, it will require a lot of upkeep, and you will have to replace it frequently. Floating docks come in various material options, most of which are much sturdier and more durable than traditional wooden docks.

floating dock contractors in central florida
floating dock contractors
floating dock contractors fender marine construction

Dock Repair Services in Orlando Florida

Dock Repair Services in Orlando Florida - If you live on a lake then a dock is the perfect way to gain access to the water. Whether for swimming, boat riding, fishing, or just enjoying the view, so keeping things in great condition is important to keep your family and guests safe. If your dock is made of wood, it will likely need more dock repair over its lifespan than a dock made of sturdier materials. Wood docks are more susceptible to rotting and deterioration, which can make it unsafe to use.

The dock repair costs will depend on the location of your dock. Accessibility will cost more when you factor in additional labor to move materials across a lake or other bodies of water. If the water has certain traits that make it more corrosive to dock materials, you may have to pay more for durable components that will withstand salt, chlorine, or other types chemicals or bacteria. You will also need to consider the flow of the body of water, such as the tide in the ocean, when you choose how to repair your dock. Here in Orlando Florida, we get quite a bit of rainfall, so choosing a dock material that can withstand the elements will also save you money in the long run.

You may need a new deck construction or some very much needed deck repair. Either way, Fender Marine Construction has the experts you need to do the work. Just like our docks, our decks can be customized to your liking while also functional. We also specialize in deck repair and deck replacement on both commercial and residential Orlando Florida properties.

dock repair services in central florida
dock repair services
dock repair services fender marine construction

Replacing or Re Decking Your Current Dock

Replacing or Re Decking Your Current Dock - Like any type of marine construction, over time it will experience deterioration. Although many docks are built to be resistant to insect and water damage, over time years of sunlight exposure and other weather extremes can cause damage. Experts suggest having your wood dock inspect every year in order to identify any potential damage before it worsens. If your boat dock is anywhere from 10- 20 years, perhaps you should consider re decking your dock. It is an affordable and efficient solution to extending the life of your dock, instead of having to replace it.

The older your deck is, the more likely you are in need of re decking or perhaps even a full deck replacement. It is vital to the longevity of your dock to make sure the wood is still strong. If the wood is soft, it is most likely rotting. Below we will discuss some other things you should look out for If you notice any of the following, chances are you should have your dock re decked.

  • Damaged or rotting joists
  • Damaged floorboards
  • Erosion
  • Materials seeming weak and withering away
  • Old Dock

Other than inspecting the wood decking, you should also take a look at other parts of the dock such as  the railing, joists, and beams. These parts can also indicate when there is a need for re decking or replacement. Here at Fender Marine, we emphasize the importance of maintenance and inspections on all types of marine construction especially docks. Many times, during inspection you are able to catch minor damages before they grow into something larger and more costly.  Re decking is a much more efficient and cost effective way of restoring your dock. Replacing an entire dock can add up depending on materials and different features.

In the videos below you can see how our team re decked a dock and a boathouse.

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