States located on any body of water may require vehicle bridges in order to allow access between cities and other areas. Some of the most famous bridges around the country are also beautiful landmarks. These include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the George Washington Bridge. If your company is looking at options for adding vehicle bridges to areas in your city, give us a call. We can build sturdy vehicle bridges that make it easier for residents to commute in and out of the city.

Our experts are an excellent choice to do the work on your vehicle bridges project. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that each employee can complete the job correctly. We take all building codes and requirements very seriously and have skilled designers who will create a design that works with what you want, as well as accommodate the needs of the city’s population.

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Our vehicle bridges can be built and installed in the Orlando, Florida. In addition to offering this type of project, we can also build custom boardwalks, piers, docks, and marinas to encourage foot traffic around the water. We also offer retaining walls, seawalls, boathouses, and more, so give us a call today and we can accommodate all of your marine construction needs.

What is the Purpose of a Bridge

A bridge is a structure built to go over a physical obstacle, such as a body of water or road, without closing the path underneath. It is constructed with the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Bridges balance two forces called compression and tension and need to be very strong to do so. They channel their load weight into their towers or cables and this distribution of weight keeps the bridge sturdy.


What Makes a Bridge Strong

Bridges have a high strength to weight ratio, that is why they are able to stand strong for many years. Using materials that are known for their strength like steel, wood, stone and other metals ensure that bridges will be resilient. There are several types of bridges that have different elements they were built with to give them their strength.


Types of Vehicle Bridges

Arch bridges have a distinct arch to them that supports the weight of vehicles or pedestrians crossing over it. The arch itself gives the bridge its strength. Arch bridges made of stone don’t even need a mortar for support because it’s arch is so durable. This shape of bridge is successful because it transfers the load instead of focusing it in one spot.

Triangle trusses are used in bridges because they’re the strongest shape to build with. Any added forces are evenly distributed through all three sides. Triangles work off compression and tension and spread the weight it bares.

Cable-stayed bridges have a lot of stiffness between the cables and the towers. This means that the weight of loads are reduced due to the lack of “bounce”, unlike in a suspension bridge. The cables act as a permanent or even temporary, in some cases, support for the bridge deck. These bridges are used in places where the spans need to be long and strong.

In a suspension bridge, the deck is hung below cables on vertical suspenders between two towers. These bridges are usually used and work best in mountainous areas, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The towers connecting the cables to the bridge, dissipate the compression and let the tension out onto the earth its built into.

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Pocket Lane Vehicle Bridge Construction

Some Florida homeowners have the luxury of being surrounded by water, adding a beautiful scenery to your home. Although the concept itself is one many dream of, many times the only way to get to your home is over a bridge. That’s exactly why our team at Fender Marine Construction is hard at work to complete a pedestrian bridge construction in Dr. Phillips, a neighborhood in Orlando, Fl.

This vehicular bridge will give future homeowners access to their homes on the other side of the land.  In just a few months, the completed vehicular bridge in Dr. Phillips will be complete.

Take a look at the pictures to see the progress of the bridge so far.

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