September 29

Top 7 Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization Companies


Top 7 chemical grouting and soil stabilization companies, chemical grouting also called permeation grouting, is one of the best ways to repair a Central Florida foundation issue that is closer to the surface. Solution grouts that are commonly used include acrylamides, polyurethanes, acrylates, epoxies, and sodium silicates. There are two major types of chemical grouting: structural and water control. This process transforms granular soils into sandstone-like masses by filling voids with a low viscosity, non-particulate grout. A sleeve also called a port pipe, is grouted into a pre-drilled hole. Chemical grout is injected under pressure through the ports. In this blog we will list the best chemical grouting companies in the Central Florida area.


7. Stable Soils of Florida

Whether it’s a simple slab lift, a leaking storm drain or a bridge slab that needs realigned, Stable Soils uses the latest technology and advantages of Polyurethane Chemical Grouting to repair the problem. Polyurethane injection is the perfect product for your repairs; it is strong, fast, clean, quiet, and environmentally inert. In nearly all situations there is no need for excavation which could result in costly interruption of services or livability. Our Polyurethane products set in just minutes. Projects that would normally take weeks or months can be completed in just hours or days


6. Solid Foundation

At Solid Foundations, we are dedicated to making sure that the foundation of your home or business is on solid ground. The foundation is the most important part of any structure, and without a sturdy one, buildings can collapse. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing the most efficient, effective, and quality products and procedures that can transform any faulty foundation back into the secure source of support it was designed to be!


5. Helicon

We are experts in foundation repair, concrete repair, pre-construction, and sinkhole repair. As the premier provider of geo-tech construction services throughout Florida for over 15 years, we pride ourselves on providing high quality service for both insurance companies and private customers, handling all repairs and pre-construction work for residential and commercial projects. We strive to exceed expectations. With our reliable, tried-and-true geo-tech construction processes, you can rest assured that Helicon is the expert you can trust.


4. Certified Structure

Certified Structure and Foundation, Inc. is the best in the business and we offer the best guaranty of any repair company. Much of our foundation underpinning work includes a lifetime guaranty (25 Years). We fix the problem, not treat the symptom. We also offer a wide range of engineering services.


3. LRE Foundation Repair

Everyone knows about tile grouting, but in the language of foundation repair and soil remediation, grouting is a process by which various chemical or cementitious mixtures are pumped into the ground. Grouting may be used for filling voids, soil consolidation, water control, and soil compaction. Each type of grouting has a specific purpose, as well as various pros and cons. Our engineers will help you decide upon the right chemical grouting approach for your application. We offer shallow chemical grouting, slurry grouting and compaction grouting.


2. Certified Foundations, Inc

Our company has advanced chemical grouting tools for work in a variety of environments, including many that we’ve developed for working efficiently in limited access areas. Since CFI is a fully licensed general contractor with highly trained foundation specialists, you can rest assured that our company will always be able to complete your grouting project in a precise and timely manner. Throughout the process, you can rely on our support staff to provide exceptional customer service, which will make your foundation repair process easy and simple. Our team handles everything from coordinating third-party inspections to filling out insurance claims and will keep in constant contact before, during, and after your project to answer any questions and ensure that your needs are being met.


1. Fender Marine Construction

Chemical grouting, also called Polyurethane grout injection is one of the most typical leaking crack repair service approaches in use today. This extensive use of polyurethane, in some cases described as urethane or grout, for concrete crack injection is a tribute to the fundamental convenience of polyurethane in applications to stop leaks. Polyurethane crack grout is generally utilized in both residential and business applications. It has a really brief cure time, making it excellent for urgent water leakage.


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