August 14

Top 7 Boat Ramp Contractors and Builders in Florida


Water activities like boating and fishing are popular among Central Florida residents. Having a boat ramp makes these activities even easier to enjoy.  For this reason, boat ramps continue growing in popularity because of the instant access they give you to the water. In this list, we cover the top boat ramp contractors in Florida.


7. Kelly Brothers, Inc. – Fort Myers, FL

A safe, long-lasting, new, or improved boat ramp or kayak launch is an investment that increases both user enjoyment and the value of the adjacent property. We have installed boat ramps for the State, County, public access, homeowner associations, commercial as well as residential.

top boat ramp contractors in florida


6. Custom Built Marine Construction – Fort Pierce, FL

Custom Built Marine Construction, Inc. is family-owned and has been as such since it was first formed in 1990 by brothers David Sr. and Raymond Corrigan.  The company is the epitome of the American Dream, starting off as a small 2-man operation and thru hard work and dedication has grown into a multimillion-dollar full-scale Marine Construction service company.

top boat ramp builders in florida


5. North Florida Professional Services – Jasper, FL

NFPS administered the Florida Boating Improvement Grant for Hamilton County’s Gibson Park Boat Ramp Project. Our firm completed the engineering design and permitting for the project as well as construction. We provide an integrated team of professionals with the relevant expertise to best manage each project from the planning phase through engineering, and ultimately, construction inspection.

top boat ramp companies in florida


4. Rush Construction, Inc. – Titusville, FL

RUSH Construction, Inc. specializes in taking on the kinds of projects our competitors won’t touch. However, what really sets our company apart from other contractors is a reputation it has been building since 1984. They have additionally received two significant honors from NASA – the Public Service Group Achievement Award and the first-ever Environmental Recognition Award at Kennedy Space Center.

top boat ramp construction companies


3. Upper Keys Marine Construction – Key Largo, FL

The method used by Upper Keys Marine Construction, Inc to install boat ramps has been proven to withstand years of wear and tear encountered by the busiest of ramps. We have worked closely with engineering firms to ensure our ramps are not only strong and durable but also practical.

top boat ramp contractor


2. Tedder Boat Ramp Systems – Ocala, FL

Tedder’s system’s unique design is the most consistently used boat ramp product in the state of Florida. With the elimination of continuous costly maintenance, the Tedder Boat Ramp System is ideal for cities and counties as well as for marina and yacht clubs that experience heavy boat traffic and power loading.

top boat ramp builder


1. Fender Marine Construction – Orlando, FL

Fender Marine Construction promises expert boat ramp construction methods. Our boat ramp design will be one that mirrors the design you had in mind. Once the boat ramp design is created and planned our boardwalk contractors will begin the process of boardwalk installation on site.

top boat ramp contractors fender marine


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