Three Types of Home Foundations

3 types of home foundations

While there are many different approaches to building a structure, we are going to discuss the three types of foundations that are most commonly used when constructing a home. Now even though these methods are different, all foundations should be able to support the structure above, keep out groundwater and act as a barrier to water and soil vapor. Deciding what type of foundation to use when building your home isn’t the most fun part, but it is one of the most important early steps.


1. Slab Foundation

slab foundation

This is the most common type of foundation used. It is simply a slab formed by concrete. They’re built four to eight inches thick and reinforced with steel rods and draining pipes. There is no airflow between the slab and the home so there’s no room or conditions for termites or mold to grow.


2. Basement Foundation

basement foundation

Basements are common in certain places in the country like the northern east coast of the USA. They’re built using a concrete perimeter of pillars that support the above-ground structure. The basement space adds square footage to the home which brings up it’s value. It also provides natural ventilation under the house which comes in handy during the warmer months.


3. Crawl Space Foundation

crawl space foundation

Homes with crawl spaces are built on short piles that create a small basement-like space underneath the house. It was no more than three to four feet high. Crawl spaces are one of the most durable foundations with high groundwater levels. The space has a ton of airflow through the bottom of the house. Owners with this additional structure should make sure to keep the space sealed and insulated to avoid unwanted animals or intruders getting in.