Seawall Builders and Contractors in Brevard County

Seawall builders and contractors in Brevard County, if you own or live on a property by one of the lakes in the Brevard County area, protecting your structure from the surrounding water may seem like an overwhelming task. Our seawall builders can construct a seawall to ensure that your property is not subject to damage. As one of the best seawall builders and seawall contractors in Brevard County, we guarantee that working with Fender Marine Construction will be beneficial to you and your property.

The function of seawalls is to prevent the erosion of a shoreline located near a body of water. Seawalls can also deflect the energy of the sea and push it back towards the water so the force from the sea is not capable of harming the surrounding properties.

We can build basic seawalls that are very affordable but we also realize that not every piece of property or shore front location in Brevard County is the same as the one next door. Because of this, our seawall builders can build a custom seawall for your property if it has unique characteristics or you have specific requirements. As experienced marine contractors, we have the knowledge required to build custom seawalls that are capable of deflecting water and energy away from your property and performing this function for many years to come.

Contact us to learn how a seawall could benefit your storefront property, increase its value and ensure it’s protected. We also provide quality seawall repair services in Brevard County and the surrounding areas!

Seawall construction companies in Brevard County, as a Florida State Certified Marine Contractor, we specialize in building the best seawalls for the least amount of money. If you want steel, aluminum, concrete, masonry (MSE), or fiberglass seawalls, we are the best seawall companies in Brevard County for the job. We also build mechanically stabilized earthen walls, such as Keystone and Anchor walls.

We take pride in providing the latest seawall technology that will give your business a boost in its appeal. When it comes to seawall builders, we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. From design, to planning and designing, we will be with you every step of the way. If there are municipal inspections needed, we will also take care of that for you. Fender Marine Construction has been trusted by customers all over Central Florida for over a decade. With our combined experience, our team has all the qualifications you need to get a project complete.

Our company specializes in custom designs, new seawall construction, maintenance and repair. Don’t hesitate in giving us a call for a quote or questions. Below are some videos of the seawalls that we have built.

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