February 4

Recent Lake Holden HOA Newsletter Article about the New Dock Design


Hey… Have you noticed the new doc, boathouse and sea wall on Lake Holden?

Some of you have noticed the new dock, boathouse and seawall at Charles and Charlotte Hornsby’s home at 3221 Alamo Drive, the West side of Lake Holden.
They are very good friends of mine and they asked FenderMarine Construction to build their dock. We built a new 4’x60’ access walkway, a 12’x10’ open deck, a 18’x16’ covered deck with a half octagonal roof and a 11’x26’ boathouse. The following are the specifications with which the project was constructed:
• Piles -6×6 .60 ACQ #2 SYP @ 8’ to 10’ O.C. The piles were finished with 2×6 #1 trim blocks at the bottoms and tops of the piles above the deck. Piles were cut off at 44” above the deck receive a custom solid copper cap.
• Bents -2×8 .40 ACQ #2 SYP Bolted to Piles
• Joists -2×8 .40 ACQ #2 SYP @ 24” O.C.
• Decking –2”x6” #1 dense or better “UltraWood” or “Duradecking”.40 ACQ Southern Yellow Pine decking treated with paraffin based water repellant and fastened with ceramic coated galvanized screws.
• The boathouse headers shall be 2×10 .40 ACQ #2 SYP boxed beam, bolted. Makes hiding electrical conduit and other utilities easier.
• The rafters were hand crafted and shall be 3×6 and 3×8 depending on the locations .40 ACQ SYP at 48” O.C. The rafter tails shall be scroll cut.
• We also installed a #1 Pressure treated Pine railing along the walkway.
• The Simpson clips were Z-Max for greater longevity.
• The hip roof had a 1’ overhang and a roof pitch of 4/12.
• The roof decking was constructed with 2”x6” Tongue & Groove V-Joint Southern Yellow Pine decking for a beautiful finished look.
• The roofing consists of an underlayment of (1) layer of Peel and Stick heavy duty roofing underlayment fol-lowed by a metal roof.
• We also installed a vinyl seawall of 4’ of exposed height with aluminum cap. We also included the removal of the existing wood wall since it would cause problems for them in the future should we not remove it. The wall panels were “clay” colored vinyl sheet pile panels with a contrasting “tan” cap to look more natural. We in-stalled weep-holes and drainage gravel behind the new wall. We also installed the stone revetment at the toe of the wall as required by OCEPD.
• Engineered detail drawings required for the permits and construction of this scope of work. You would pro-vide us with a recent survey of the property on which our site plan will be based.
• We included the State and local permit costs for the work proposed.
We included a (3) year warranty on workmanship on the project and the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials.
The cattail removal and beneficial planting of the lakefront was accomplished by another Lake Holden resident Joel Gregor of Clearview Lakes.
If you are considering hiring a marine contractor, check out the Hornby’s dock and boathouse and re-view the above specification to make sure you are getting the quality project that you deserve.


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