Pergola Contractors and Builders in Lake Wales

Pergolas contractors and builders in Lake Wales, a pergola, which is also sometimes called an arbor, is an elegant garden feature that can add value to your property. It forms a shaded area in your yard or at your place of business. Which is made of vertical beams along the edge of the path and horizontal beams crossed overhead. You can add vines and other greenery to the upper portion of the pergola. That makes it look more beautiful and also adds more shade. During the warm summers we have in Lake Wales, Florida, pergolas can make it much more enjoyable to spend time outdoors.

Another popular use for a pergola is to frame a background for weddings or engagement photos. It will photograph nicely and keeps the subjects out of direct sunlight. Pergolas are often placed in public places since they are a pleasant place to sit on a hot summer day. In some cases, a pergola is designed to look more like a tunnel, which provides more shade for those walking between areas on a property.

At Fender Marine Construction, we can build a pergola for your Lake Wales home or business. Our dedicated team will work hard to get the project done quickly. We typically will use sturdy and water-resistant wood to build the posts, although you can also choose stone or brick pillars to create a more classic look that draws on Grecian influence.

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Wood is the most common material used when building pergolas. There is a wide variety of woods within the hardwood and softwood ranges. Hardwood can be expensive but it is durable and lasts longer. Softwood will be cheaper in price and comes treated. It’s easier to stain softwoods to give added texture or colors. The downside to wood is that it will need to be maintained the most. Since it is an organic material, it is susceptible to rot, pests, and mold. Over time, the wood will chip or collapse from these issues.

Steel pergolas have become more popular lately. Steel does not decay so it helps the structure last a long time. Chemically treated steel can prevent rusting from oxidation. Steel pergolas are easier to install and the job is done a lot quicker. It needs less support than wood and lasts way longer.

Aluminium is a nice choice because it is lightweight and easy to maintain. It’s the perfect pergola material for humid and moist areas such as a beach or pool house. You can opt for powder-coated aluminium which will give the material an extra layer of protection. The powder coating can also come colored, giving the structure its own flair unique to what it will be used for.

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Pergolas can be used for a variety of purposes and in all kinds of places. Some pergolas have closed tops which can be used to provide shade over picnic tables. Other designs are used for formal settings such as weddings.

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Pergolas used in parks are usually used for shade. There are some that are used solely as decoration, for example in a historical themed park. They are an elegant addition to any area of the park. Some pergolas at a playground will either have a roof or won’t.

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Most outdoor weddings feature a gorgeous pergola or gazebo where the bride and groom share their vows. A beautiful wooden pergola is a perfect accent to the elegant atmosphere of one’s rustic wedding decorations. There are also round pergolas used as a graceful backdrop at some outdoor weddings.

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Pergolas are used in amusement parks for a few different reasons. They are seen with signs on them to guide guests to their preferred attractions or over a line at a ride, keeping guests cool from the summer sun. Amusement parks will typically have very large pergolas made from a variety of material, like aluminium, especially at a waterpark.

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Pergolas have been growing in popularity with homeowners, as well. Many size variants can be used to accent the backyard of a home. It’s refreshing to sit in the shade of a pergola at a cookout or just by the pool. A recent trend shows these backyard pergolas with bright lights strung through its bows, illuminating the relaxing activities happening below.

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