Mcmillan Stone Revetment

The McMillan’s home is located in Longwood, Florida. The contacted Fender Marine Construction and explained that they wanted a more natural shoreline than the more popular and frequently used vertical seawall. The McMillan’s hired Fender Marine Construction to design and build this ecologically friendly stone revetment. The engineering was prepared and the permitting was performed and the stone revetment project began. For this project, the system Fender Marine Construction used for the stone revetment or rock revetment is to first grade the owner’s shoreline to a 3:1 slope. Then we install a #57 lime stone approximately 12” thick, followed by the 8” to 24” size quarried Florida Field stone revetment. This project did not require the beneficial planting of native Florida water plants. The revetment is still holding strong after several hurricanes.