Marriott Cypress Harbor

At Marriott Cypress Harbor, we removed and reconstructed a major boardwalk over the water including hand railing and benches. We also constructed a land based wooden deck and dock. Fender Marine constructed several projects for Marriott including boardwalks, decks, docks and seawalls. Our work was through one of the greatest general contractors in Florida, Welbro Constructors.

What materials are used to make a boardwalk

Important factors play a part in deciding what material is needed such as location, maintenance, environmental impact, and intended use. The three most commonly used materials to build boardwalks are timber, concrete, and composite.

The most visually appealing material to contractors is wood also called timber. This is because of its warmth, texture, and natural integration into the environment. You will see wooden boardwalks in areas like beaches and parks where there is decent foot traffic and no serious need for constant maintenance. For example, a timber boardwalk would not survive in a wetland area due to the excessive moisture in the air. This can cause algae and mold to grow in crevices and warping of the wood. However, with proper maintenance wooden boardwalks can last over 12 years.

what materials are used to make a boardwalk

Composite is a plastic wood fiber material used for decks and boardwalks. It is great for backyards and recreational areas because it can be adaptable to various sizes, shapes, and projects. This material is super durable and requires little boardwalk maintenance due to it not bring prone to rotting, termites, and splintering. They are considered more environmentally friendly than the other materials mentioned as it often created with recycled plastics like milk jugs and water bottles.

boardwalk construction materials

Concrete is mostly used for larger scale, commercial projects. Next to boardwalks, it can be used for cycling paths and beach walkways. Concrete is best suited for high traffic areas due to its durability. It can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. It is the best option for busy areas as it requires almost no maintenance at all. The material is constructed to become stronger over time and can last 50-75 years. Concrete is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals. It also isn’t made using sealants or preservatives that can leak into surrounding soils.

Why we chose to construct a wooden boardwalk

When constructing the boardwalk for Marriott, we decided to go with using wood as its base material. Timber is beautiful and the traditional route when it comes to boardwalk construction. Since this path goes over the water with an amazing view of surrounding foliage, the material looks natural in this environment. Wood is an inexpensive construction component that is almost always available to use. This boardwalk was the perfect addition for Marriott Cypress Harbor and provided a classic, authentic look to the resort.