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Marina Contractor and Builders in Central Florida - For over 15 years Fender Marine Construction has become one of the leading experts for all types of marine projects. At Fender Marine Construction, we design and construct marinas built to last. Our team of marine contractors is an expert at Marina Construction, Marina Repair and Marina Maintenance.

Our marina construction contractor and services vary in complexity and price. We can build pre-designed marinas as well as create more customized designs according to your liking. Having a marina is beneficial in many aspects. At a business it provides various amenities. A marina also gives visitors the freedom to enjoy the area and the scenery.

There are different types of marinas we can construct:

  • Fixed docks supported by piers or piles
  • Covered marinas
  • Marinas for pleasure and commercial properties
  • Marinas for activities

These are just some of the many types of marina constructions that we can provide. Depending on your specific needs, our team of experts will help you with a more customized design. If you are considering a marina project construction on your property, our experts will work hand in hand with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the marina construction mirrors what you had in mind.

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marina contractor and builders
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What Is A Marina

What is a marina - A marina is also known as a “dock” or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina differs from a port in that a marina does not handle large passenger ships or cargo from freighters. Over time, marinas have evolved into so much more. They not only functional but they are also used for the enjoyment of visitors. Marinas provide a beautiful area to view the scenery and enjoy the outdoors. Not all marinas are created equal. Marinas can be made up of standard service areas used for docking, fuel, provisioning, yacht detailing as well as  areas for relaxation and fine-dining. 

Fender Marine Construction has the ability to design and build all types of marinas- from the most basic pre-designed ones to more unique and custom ones. Our team of expert marina contractors is ready to assist you with your next marine construction and will be with you every step of the way. 

Are Marinas Just For Commercial Operations

Marinas are not just for commercial operations. However, it is common to have commercial ventures operating out of marinas. Some of the most common types of businesses you’ll see include: restaurants, day sailing cruises, dive boats, shopping centers and fishing locations among others. These types of operations can have a great effect on the areas around them. It can not only attract more visitors but also increase the profitability.

what is a marina
marina construction services in central florida
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Types of Marina Facilities in Central Florida

Types of Marina Facilities in Central Florida - Depending on the location of a marina, the features will vary. A marina can have many features. Marinas commonly have refueling, washing and repairing facilities, stores, restaurants and marine and boat chandlers. A marina may also include some ground level facilities such as parking lots for visitors’ vehicles and boat trailers. Boat ramps or slipways are also common at marinas. These are used to transfer a boat into the water. Another type of facility at a marina is a boat host also known as a traveling crane. In some marinas, fee-based services are also commonly seen such as parking, picnic areas, bars and pubs, clubhouses and restaurants. 

Some popular marinas in Florida include:

  • Salty Sam’s Marina
  • Aquamarina Palm Harbor
  • Twin Dolphin Marina
  • Conch Harbor Marina
  • For Pierce City Marina
  • Key West Yacht Club
  • Museum Park Marina
  • EPIC Marina
  • Marlin Bay Resort and Marina
  • Harbortown Marina
  • Adventure Marina
  • Beach Marine
  • Banana Bay Resort and Marina

Floating Dock Marinas

There are many different types of marinas - floating, mixed, and fixed dock marinas. Whether you want to design and build a small floating dock marina or a large and complex one, Fender Marine Construction floating dock designs offer durability, adaptability and low cost maintenance. Our floating dock marinas can be customized to meet almost any loading requirement. 

Marina Benefits

When it comes to finding the right storage for your boat, there are several options to consider. One of the most popular and safest storage solutions is a marina. Marinas are secure, convenient, grant easy access to facilities and resources and recreational areas. Whether your local marina is just a place of refuel along the way or storage, it is also a place for activities and resources along the way. 

Marina Maintenance and Repair Services in Central Florida

Marina Maintenance and Repair Services in Central Florida - A marina provides a safe a secure boat storage location. Some marinas are also made of restaurants, picnic areas and locations to enjoy the view. Some marinas will experience more traffic and visitors than others, so it is important that marina maintenance and repair services are prioritized. Keeping a marina in good condition will ensure that your guests are safe. Depending on the material used, more maintenance and repair services will be needed over its lifespan. 

Marina maintenance and repair service pricing will depend on the size, location and damage. A marina that is larger in size and with a lot of repairs will cost more because of the additional labor needed to complete the job. Before you design and build a marina with Fender Marine Construction, one of our expert contractors will guide you on everything you need to know about the different types of marinas and materials used.

Marina Safety Concerns

Just like any location visited by the public, there tends to be marina safety concerns. However, marinas should have everything needed to handle most types of emergencies. Certain equipment and policies are strictly enforced and  a part of the practices at local marinas. 

  • No Swimming - Swimming within the marina basins poses a danger for swimmers and boaters and is prohibited. 
  • Safety and rescue ladders - If a person has fallen into the water, it is imperative that they can get our safely. 
  • Life Rings - Life rings are also there is a visitor falls into the water and has difficulty getting out. 
  • Slippery Decks - Slippery decks are caused from rain, ice and frost. Slippery decks must be addressed with proper signage and warnings to guest on-site. 
  • First Aid - Each marina has an obligation to the public to address safety issues at their location. Marinas provide first aid kits and at times offer training to their employees so they are prepared during an issue. 
marina maintenance and repair services in central florida
marina maintenance and repair services
marina maintenance and repair services fender marine construction

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