Lake Sue Seawall

The property owner of the lakefront home on Lake Sue in Orange County Florida had an old asbestos seawall that was failing. Then a tree in the backyard fell over the seawall and collapsed it. After a competitive bidding process, the homeowner selected Fender Marine Construction to install a new vinyl seawall with a steel reinforced concrete cap. The issue was that we could not disturb the asbestos seawall without endangering our employees. Therefore we encapsulated the asbestos wall by installing the new vinyl seawall lakeward of the existing seawall and forming and pouring the cap over the top of the old seawall. Lastly, the new seawall was backfilled and the area sodded. The customer selected Fender Marine Construction for this project for several reasons. Although Fender Marine was not the lowest bidder, they were the only State Certified Marine Contractor bidding the project. Next, Fender Marine Construction was the marine contractor with the required Worker’s Compensation and United States Longsho9re and Harborworker’s insurance. Also, Fender Marine could perform the work 6 months before any of the other seawall contractors could mobilize. Lastly, the customer checked our references to determine that they would perform the work as promised, provide the best seawall solution and be there to stand behind the work in the future.