April 5

Kreger Boat House


We were contacted by John Kreger in Tavares after he saw the work that we did on Drew Farmer’s dock on the Dora Canal.  He was impressed with the work and needed to redesign his existing dock.  I went out and took a look and he had an old dock that was built parallel to his shoreline, the boat slip was narrow, and the roof was low and the boat slip length of 20′ was not long enough to house the homeowner’s longer boat.  His shoreline curved in and it was just very difficult to get his boat into the slip.  So, it was determined that a complete removal of the existing dock and construction of a new dock would be the best solution.
He provided us with a survey, and we came up with a floor plan that worked for what he was looking for by angling the dock out toward the center of the canal to make it easier to get in and out of the slip.  We also raised the roof height in order to allow for his pontoon boat to come and go without having to drop the top.

The challenge we faced was that the manmade canal was very deep.  It was nearly 15′ of water depth at the furthest point.  So, we had to use 9″ round piles that were 30′ long to get the elevation we needed for the roof.  That required the use of a barge with a crane and hammer to set and drive the piles.  This was more time-consuming compared to the typical method of water jetting and required additional mobilization efforts for the barge-mounted crane. 
Once the piles were set, the dock was constructed in typical Fender Marine Construction fashion with WearDeck decking, 2″x10″ box beam roof headers, heavy-duty 3x roof beams, and rafters with exposed scroll cut rafter tails rafters, and exposed T&G roof decking.  The Finished product has made for a much more useable dock for the homeowners.


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