Hacienda Village Pedestrian Bridge

Fender Marine Construction was selected by the Hacienda Village Homeowners Association after a competitive bid process to design and build the golf cart and pedestrian bridge. We designed this bridge project with aluminum abutments capped with steel reinforced concrete. The main span of the bridge were heavy pressure treated exterior grade glue-laminated beams allowing a clear span bridge over the creek. The golf cart and pedestrian bridge project was designed, permitted and constructed in record time and on budget.

What is glue-laminated lumber and what is it used for

Glue-laminated lumber is multiple layers of solid wood bonded together with high strength adhesive to form a single unit. They can also be called laminated beams or glulam. Essentially, it is used to build various structures and help support others. This product can be used for curved beams, floor planks, arched bridge supports and decking. Glulam is very versatile and can be used for almost any construction.


Benefit of using glulam

benefits of using glulam

As stated before, there are many uses for glulam. But aside from its versatility, they’re also very strong which is why they can be used to support multiple passenger bridges. Glulam is cost effective since it uses small fragments of wood and even old-growth wood. This makes it a form eco-friendly construction since it is reusing and recycling old wood. The main benefit would be how readily available glulam is.

What glue is used in glulam

When glulam is being made, various adhesives are used when bonding all the pieces together. The main glues that are used are called polycondensation adhesives. This means the glue hardens through the separation of water resulting in a strong, sticky bond. Types of these adhesives used include melamin-resine and phenol-resorcinal. These glues have low formaldehyde which attributes to their eco-friendly nature. The lines of glue when piecing together the glulam are small, about 0.3mm thin. After the whole thing is treated, the glue becomes insensitive to chemicals.