Featured Project Seminole County

Central Florida Channel Marker Contractors

Whether its for recreational boating or commercial boating or commercial boating, knowing what water markers mean is essential to the safety of those on the water. Fender Marine Construction installed 5 waterway markers in Seminole County. This project included the fabrication of the signs as well as the installation based on GPS locations designated by Seminole County. The waterway markers were installed according to the guidelines for posting uniform waterway markers in Florida’s waterways.

Waterway markers are designed to serve as “traffic signals” for boaters.These markers are commonly used to indicate the start of a marked channel when you are entering the water. However, at times they are also used on the ends and along the center to indicate the best water. 

As you can see, the waterway markers pictured indicate “resume normal, safe operation”. There are many different types of signs that alerts boaters of different water conditions. It is very important that whether you are an experienced boater or not, you are always paying attention to the waterway markers around you. Below is a guide to follow:

Green colors: green lights and odd numbers mark the edge of a channel on your left side as you head upstream. Numbers will increase as you head up. You will usually spot green channel markers on a cylinder-shaped can buoy.

Red colors: red light, and even numbers mark the edge of a channel on your right side as you head upstream. Numbers will also increase as you head upstream.  A type of red marker is seen on cone-shaped nun buoy.

Fender Marine Construction has the team and ability to handle all types of marine construction projects including channel markers. If you have any questions, let us answer those for you.