Featured Project Reed’s Boathouse

This is one of the few upscale boathouses in Central Florida utilizing the round pile design. When these photos were taken, the water on Lake Jessup was very shallow and you can see that the boathouse and deck are towering above the lake bottom. This project also featured the UltraWood pressure-treated southern yellow pine #1 Dense for better decking.

Southern Yellow Pine Decking

Southern yellow pine is a beautiful and robust softwood. Many engineers and architects use this wood for support beams in homes and in deck building. It’s not only chosen for its beauty but it is very durable too. SYP is even used to make some wooden roller coasters! The lumber itself is very porous so when its painted or stained, the color shows up very saturated and bright. The color and durability of southern yellow pine is guaranteed to last over 15 years when treated and maintained well.

Benefits of using softwood

Derived from coniferous trees, softwood has many benefits and there's a reason why it is chosen by builders more often than hardwood. Softwoods are native to the U.S. and grow very quickly. This makes them easy to access, cheaper to purchase and available in larger quantities. Softwoods are more lightweight than hardwood which makes them easier to manipulate and transport. Softwood is actually more resistant to termites, bacteria and fungus because it is absorbent of paints and stains. Once treated, there is no room for moisture to sit to attract these enemies.

Hardwood Vs. Softwood


  • Used to make high quality furniture and construction
  • Examples: walnut, oak, maple, mahogany
  • More expensive to use and produce
  • Grows very slowly
  • Tight pores so they’re harder to stain and paint


  • 80% of timber is made from softwood
  • Examples: cedar, cypress, pine, spruce
  • Cheaper to produce because it's readily available around the country
  • Grows very quickly
  • Resistant to mold, bugs, and bacteria