MI Homes Boatramp & Dock

Fender Marine Construction built this Country Lakes Estates HOA amenity park with the dock and boat ramp for MI Homes. The boat ramp is 6” thick steel reinforced concrete poured in place over a 12” layer of #57 limestone. This required us to install and maintain a cofferdam and wellpoint system. This dock features a beautifully colored cedar wood framing and copper pile caps to match.

Why we chose cedar wood for this dock

Cedar is the main wood type used for decks and dock building because it can last up to 25 years. It is a softwood, meaning it belongs to the family of coniferous trees. This wood is aromatic as well because it contains thujaplicin, an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. Some types, such as Spanish cedar, also have insect repelling qualities. Cedar doesn’t absorb moisture so it doesn’t warp or twist due to water damage.

How each procedure works together

Each procedure played an important role in the process of the construction. We used a wellpoint system and cofferdam to help us complete this build. Dewatering methods were also used to allow our workers to make construction near the water a lot dryer. These methods worked together to make creating this structure easy and safer, but what exactly are these processes for?

Wellpoint system, cofferdam and dewatering

A wellpoint system is a series of closely placed, small diameter, shallow wells. They’re connected to a header pipe and pumped to a vacuum dewatering pump. Wellpoint, also known as a drivepoint, is a small diameter well used for dewatering. It consists of a shallow shaft, pump to draw water and riser pipe which connects the wellpoint to the surface and a small well fills up.

A cofferdam is a structure that retains water and soil which allows the enclosed area to be pumped out and excavated until dry. These are built in construction jobs where support structures are being made within the water. They are made by driving steel sheet piling into the ground underwater to create a watertight fence around the work area.

Dewatering was a very important tactic to use since the dock and ramp go into the water. This system is the removal of water from solid material or soil. When done for construction, it is used before any subsurface excavation to lower the water table.