Featured Project Marriott Pool Deck

Fender Marine Construction has been working for Marriott Grande Vista as well as other Marriott properties for years building docks, marinas, seawalls, bridges, boardwalks and golf cart paths. Here you see the latest swimming pool deck at the Pool Bar at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort in Orlando. The deck features Trex® composite decking with concealed fasteners as well as customer aluminum powder coated hand railing.

What is composite decking

Trex® composite is ready-to-use decking that doesn’t need sanding, staining, or painting. It is made from colored plastics and wood fibers. This decking is resistant to rot, splitting, cracks, and splinters.  Trex® is made from 95% recycled materials including over 140,000 used plastic bags. This material is also guaranteed to look amazing and remain durable for up to 25 years.

Is a boat deck the same as a pool deck

Even though they’re very similar in name, a pool deck is a tad bit different than a boat deck. A boat deck is a structure of planks creating a floor for a ship. On the other hand, a pool deck is the area around the pool. This is the section where tables and lounge chairs are, possibly a bar or food area like what was built at this resort. The difference is emphasized by one being on the sea and the other being on land.

Why wood decking was not chosen for this project

Wood has got to be the most traditional material used for marine construction. However, over the years it becomes a nuisance to maintain. A wooden deck needs seasonal painting, sealing, and staining. When it isn’t maintained properly, it becomes a hazard as it splinters, cracks, and rots. The colors fade and stain, which shows and scuffs and spills. Your deck could also become lunch for insects, the invasion causing hazardous damage. That all being said, wood doesn’t age well and unfortunately contributes to deforestation.