Marriott Grande Vista

The Marriott Grande Vista nature walk was a project completed in 2004. The work consisted of constructing a wooden walkway adjacent to a wetland and an existing golf cart path. There was also a concrete paved walkway and crosswalk added. These skillful Fender Marine projects were planned and completed ahead of schedule.

Why these structures work for this location

For this location, the boardwalk wraps around the golf course allowing guests to easily get from one side of the resort to the other. When the boardwalk reaches land, it turns into a concrete walkway. Strolling along this winding walkway allows them to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. The seawall was built along the golf course to protect the area from eroding as water levels rise and waves crash against the land.

What are these structures

A boardwalk is essentially an elevated footpath usually above water or wet areas. A seawall is a coastal defense wall constructed to protect areas it’s erected in against impact of waves, flooding, and erosion. Walkway has been used synonymously with boardwalk but there are subtle differences. A walkway is a passage on the ground connecting sections of a building or a wide path in an outdoor area.

What do these structures do

A boardwalk enables pedestrians to cross water or marshy land similar to a bridge. They’re usually constructed out of wood and attached to a dock or boathouse. In the case of this build, the boardwalk extends very far into the property. The concrete walkway makes its way through the golf course and across the lake, located in the center of the resort.

The seawall was erected around the edge of the golf course where it meets the large lake. This was put into place to protect the outer border of the grass and prevent erosion. This structure is necessary for this location because it protects the people and land from the elements. They prevent flooding by keeping waves at bay and cutting their power down as they crash against the seawall. They are also an incredible structure to have since they can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.