Marriott Arch Bridge

Florida Custom Pedestrian Bridge Contractors

Fender Marine Construction designed, built and installed these arched prefabricated glulam bridges for the Sawgrass Marriott Hotel near Jacksonville in 2002. The term glulam is an abbreviated term that stands for glue- laminated timber. It is made with multiple layers of solid wood lumber bonded together with high-strength adhesive to form a single structural unit. Builders often refer to all types of laminated beams or other laminated structural wood materials as glulam. For companies like Fender Marine, glulam is a versatile and innovative material used in commercial and residential projects.

Glulam is not only strong, cost- effective and highly customizable but they’re also efficient. For this reason, Fender Marine Construction chose glulam bridges for this pedestrian bridge. Our expert bridge contractors designed this bridge with pedestrians and cyclists in mind. Normally, pedestrian bridges are seen in places such as large facilities, universities, hospitals, parking garages and most commonly in shopping centers and attractions. In Florida and other similar states, they are also seen in hotels and theme parks.

Our teams of expert pedestrian bridge contractors have the experience needed to design and build pedestrian bridges wherever they are needed. If you have a project in mind that you feel may need the help of one of our experts, give one of our pedestrian bridge contractors a call.