Featured Project Lakes of Tavares Boat Ramp and Dock

The existing boat ramp had been undermined as a result of power loading and wave action during storms. Fender Marine Construction was selected by the HOA to engineer, permit and repair the existing boat ramp and adjoining existing dock that was also in disrepair. The boat ramp was not properly designed when it was originally constructed causing the trailer hitches of the boat launching vehicles to bottom out and strike the top break of the boat ramp grade. Fender Marine reconfigured the slopes of the ramp so as to allow for boat launching without the vehicular striking. A stone revetment was then added around the sides of the boat ramp to further prevent scour. The existing dock was old and dilapidated. Fender Marine removed the entire dock and replaced it using 6"x6" pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine and heavy wood framing. Then we installed Advantage fiberglass reinforced HDPE decking and railing. Now the boat ramps and dock are set to serve the community for the next generations.